A Different Kind of Wrist Guard

What are Gorilla Palms?

Gorilla Palms are asphalt assaulting, concrete crushing, palm-saving, form fitted, foam padded, urethane coated palm-pads inspired by skate shoes and constructed with suede and polyurethane.

The low profile design differs from bracing wrist guards which allows for its natural range of motion by not locking the wrist but instead elevating the palm and absorbing shock. The surface allows the pad to slide on the ground helping to prevent twisting, while still gripping naturally so your hands don’t go flailing when you do catch yourself. We hold quality to the highest standard.


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Light & Breathable

Each palm pad weighs less than 2 ounces. They are almost unnoticeably comfortable, and fit snug. The low-cut, fingerless, design allows for airflow to keep hands cool.

Full Range of Motion

Unlike traditional wrist guards and braces Gorilla Palms allow for a full range of motion for the hands and wrists. Don’t let wrist guards get in the way of your hands when you need them.

Durable Materials

Polyurethane is what skateboard wheels are made of, and so are Gorilla Palms. Inside the palm pads are a pocket of shock absorbing foam, creating a soft cushion that endures like the sole of a shoe.

Quality in the Details

Inspired by skate shoes and made with suede, medical nylon, and heavy thread, Gorilla Palms are the anti-gloves; low profile form fitted palm pads.


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