Gorilla Palms


A Different Kind of Wrist Guard

Gorilla Palms are super low profile, they don't restrict your wrist they just cushion the impact.  Gorilla Palms have a patented palm pad that helps protect against torn skin and reduce the bruising impact of slams.



Urethane Palm Shell

A strong layer of urethane protects against bruising, cuts and nerve damage in your palms during a slam.

Impact Foam Core

The foam core absorbs impact and flexes to help absorb bruising and damage to the bones and tendons.

Light & Strong Construction

Multiple layers of ballistic materials and heavy duty stitching create a super strong product that is actually made to last.   But even though they are strong, they are also comfortable and lightweight. Each palm pad weighs less than 2 oz, so you’ll barely feel them on, and the low cut shape lets your hands stay cool.

How to wear Gorilla Palms

Always put your hand in so that the top of the triangle is pointing out toward your fingers. Gorilla Palms asymmetrical designs fit the right and left hands uniquely. The design of Gorilla Palms is based on the thumb and palm muscles, so that fitting is snug and comfortable while staying breathable and low-profile.

Additional information

Weight 5.20 oz
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 3 in
Single or Pair

Pair, Left Hand Only, Right Hand Only

3 reviews for Gorilla Palms

  1. These palms are amazing and will save your hands from so much hurt. I highly recommend them for any kind of skater. Thank you gorilla palms! Never again will I have to worry about bruised hands! They are the tools of my trade, and for the low price of these it is so worth it!

  2. Started skating again at 38 after not touching a board in 18 years. Kept making the mistake of putting my hands out when I went down, and started using wrist guards.

    Then I found the gorilla palms, and never touched the wrist guards again. You have full range of motion in your wrist with these, as there’s nothing restricting it compared to the full guards. I wear these every time I get on the board now.

    I don’t really like wearing pads, but at the same time I can’t afford to have my hands all messed up half the time. These are very minimal, and not very noticeable. But they do the job and keep my hands protected.

  3. So when u order online due u put In quantity of one or two to get the left and right hand glove. And if u type in a quantity of two due u get a left hand and a right hand. Or due u get 2 right hands?

    • Quantity of 1 = A Left AND Right hand pair of Gorilla Palms.

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