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The Boardr Am Los Angeles 2015

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The Boardr series kicks off the year in Los Angeles at Stoner Skatepark next weekend. REGISTER NOW The fun starts on Friday at noon, and the schedule is as follows: FRIDAY 12pm – 6pm: Registration, Practice, Check-In SATURDAY 9am – 11am: Registration, Practice, Check-In 11am: Qualifiers in Jam Format Three skater jams, three minutes each Top 18 make the cut to the Semi-Finals 3pm: Semi-Finals in Jam Format Three skater jams, three minutes each Top six make the cut to the Finals 4pm: Finals in Runs Format Three, one minute runs, best counts 5pm: Awards 5:30pm: Best Trick open to everyone SUNDAY Rain Day See you there.  

King of the Road Madness

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Once again Thrasher put together an all-star line up of shredders, this year from Birdhouse, Element and Flip, to run around the country skating, puking and making out with wack hoes. A lot of people might hate on KOTR, but I think the concept is cool, and it looked like all the skaters had fun. I could do with a little more skating and a lot less butthole beer chugging. So, if your bored and want to see Nijah Houston make out with himself and Evan Smith drink his own pee then grab some popcorn, everyone shreds as always, and they all slam hard doing dumb shit. Check out some highlights: Binge watch the whole season here:

Join California Amature Skateboarding League for a Halloween jam!

CASL Halloween Jam

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Join CASL at Skatelab for a Halloween Skate Contest and Demos. Come one come all to a very special installment of CASL, the original California Amatuer Skateboard League. This weekend, Oct. 25 & 26th 2014, CASL is hosting a special halloween with prizes and giveaways. Prizes for best costume! If you don’t already know, Skatelab is a massive indoor skatepark facility located at 4226 Valley Fair in Simi Valley. Carpool and bring some food an water because the facility is away from town a little bit.  The park is really nice, the space is huge with big sliding doors for lots of air flow.  Show up early, skate the park, enter to win prizes, have a good time and don’t forget to check out the skateboard museum while your there!

Alex Serrat Out of Bounds

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Skateboarding is definitely evolving.  Where there used to be boundaries now there are intersections, more people are taking the sport more places thanks to new products, new riders and new inspiration.  Alex Serrat shows us right here that hill bombing and street skating are two sides of the same coin.

Getting Out

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Hello world, here we come.  Stepping out of the Venice skatepark and into the unknown, Gorilla Rugged Gear is gearing up and getting out.  Follow the takeoff right here on  We are coming to your town soon so stay up. Twitter Facebook      

The Suedes

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The heart of the Gorilla Palms product are the strongest and most rugged pads we make: the Suedes series. The Suede Series is our top of the line product and our most rugged design to date. They are inspired by shoes and gloves, but have a unique style that slides on over the hand like a glove but does not actually touch the fingers. The Suedes have a Gorilla Palm pad on the palm, a thumbhole, and a leather strap to hold it snug to the hand.  Every pair is made with love and close attention to detail. Every pair of GP Suedes are hand sewn, and because they are tested daily by some of the area’s best skaters, we know how durable they. Additionally, we have taken extra steps after the first rounds of testing to make sure they are tough as nails and do not fall apart.  We …

The Hoodies

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As the vision became a reality, I thought it would be cool to incorporate my idea into hoodies and other garments. I knew this would be an uphill battle as I had little knowledge of what it would take to make this happen.  I turned to my good friend Jeff who is a die-hard skater at heart and has worked with garment producers.  With his help we developed two different styles of hooded sweatshirts with the Gorilla Palm pads integrated into the cuff. We ran a campaign on Indiegogo to rally support for the project and raised some money for us to produce samples of the hoodies. Making samples is not cheap, especially when it is a detailed product that we are constantly adding to, so we owe huge thanks to the Indiegogo supporters for helping us to finance these early steps. After a few prototypes, we finally decided on …

The Beginning

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Justin Mitchell… no aka, no street name, none of that nonsense, just me. My first board was a Sims Kamakazi with the rising sun graphic and I sported it all over Los Angeles as a kid (sorry Christian). I’ve given my life to skateboarding and it has given me more amazing gifts than I can count- self respect, pride, confidence, and outlet for expression and a great activity that keeps me fit and energized. I owe who I am today to a wooden board with four wheels and the urban landscape of Southern California.  To this day, I am just as excited to go and skate as I was when I started nearly thirty years ago. In my early twenties, I was forced to take it easy on my board. I had racked up a number of injuries, most of those in my right wrist. Those years I spent cruising …